About Me

Hello, I am Brad Biehl! I am a freshman at Arizona State University. I spend my time thinking, feeling and living in a positive state of mind. My passion lies within the grind of seeking out knowledge and experience, and reciprocating positivity and optimism with each interaction as I navigate the long winding road to happiness. The true goal of this journey is to touch and potentially impact as many people as possible with the idea of journeying through positivity, happiness, love and self reflection as a form of self improvement. My philosophy and belief is that the prerequisite to self exploration and improvement is the realization of who you are at your roots. This is your identity. From here, your purpose is formulated, and used as a vehicle to translate who you are into meaningful action. This, is MY meaningful action...

About More Than A Word

Words have become the basic cornerstone of language and modern-era communication. Imagine life without them... all the challenges that would be faced, all the stories that would die with their initial experiencer, and the lack of influence that would ensue. Our words hold so much power, but this power is fueled by the meaning behind the tangible word itself. This meaning gives the basic formation of letters life, and sets it up for future contexts and moments of usage. 

In the series, each episode focuses on one singular word that is commonly used in our vocabulary. Through free-flowing conversation with distinguished guests, we will explore the stories, interpretations, experiences, conflicts and nuances that make up the true weight of these words as we unpack their true meaning and impact on different societal levels. While we dive into the immensity of these fundamental phrases, I hope it becomes clear that these are much more than just words.