The Impact of Simple Interaction: A brief thought from my road-trip

The notion that some of life’s most profound lessons and realizations are learned in the simplest of moments is often quite accurate. Today, I was driving down the highway, doing around 70. Per usual, there were a lot of cars driving significantly faster than I, and there were a good deal of cars moving at a slower pace than that of my Honda CRV. No special event occurred during the drive, but today, there wasn’t a need for one.

I looked over at the clock, which flashed something around 1:35, then let my eyes drift back to the focus of the road which stabilized my fluid movement forward. As my window passed that of another car on the roadway, and another, and another, my mind began to process a thought... With each car that I spatially interact with on the roadway during the course of a drive, both the other drivers and I are engaging in a connection. This narrative began to grow and mature in my mind, and my further takeaways were intriguing in my opinion…

It hit me in this moment, that for 99 percent of the people traveling in the other cars on this road, that this would likely be the only interaction that I would have with them over the course of my entire life. While yes, these people were in a completely different enclosure, and many of them didn’t even see what I looked like, much less care who I was, the knowing that our choices in that moment would in some capacity impact each other’s futures made them matter to me. It put us in a social contract with each other; trusting that we would each do the right thing.

 The point is, I realized that throughout each and every day, I interact with so many others whom I will never see again, and just like the drivers of those cars, we will impact each other’s lives. I realized that for every one of these people, I often only get a couple of seconds to make a life-lasting impression, which is without the help of words, disclaimers, or justification. Instead, it is purely based on action. When I think about this, it is motivating, and humbling in the same breath.

To summarize, you sometimes only get one chance with someone, and because of this, you have to make sure that you always live your actions and moments authentically and righteously, for like it or not, these actions will often be how you are remembered.