Positivity is the Actionable Form of Hope.

The word ‘hope’ is very intertwined into common vernacular. From the time of conception, everyday life is littered with small instances of hope. The child hopes for a new toy, the farmer is hopeful for good weather, and I have hope that you will continue reading this post. What is interesting, is that even though hope surrounds our words, and our thoughts, seldom do we reflect or act in a truly hopeful manner. It seems as though, somewhere along the way, our hope becomes lost in translation. I have been considering this phenomena for a while now, and the more and more that I do, the more I am convinced that hope, in itself, is incomplete. 

There is a subconversation here which is equally important. This being that hope is extremely valuable, but rather than looking at it as a destination of feeling, let us reframe it as a crucial piece to a greater, more effective ultimate output. 

If we take a glance back to those few examples of hope which I spewed off at the beginning of this piece, we can observe that these are quite passive trains of thought. This is something that seems to hold very true throughout our various hopes in life. The way in which hope is often used, is in a manner that is almost synonymous with the word/concept of a ‘wish’, or ‘wishing’. With both of these terms, and their one coherent framework, the point of view feels very removed. A strong lack of any sort of control in the situation comes out as a prevalent undertone. Looking at this in a direct manner, for many things, this is surely not wrong. But my question becomes, if we take hope’s true power, and push it towards an even larger cause, can it become a more active and impactful step in our journey to happiness, and the maximization of life?

This larger idea that I have teased here, is positivity. I believe that adopting the spirit of positivity into your life can, and will be assistive towards the true realities that we desire. If we take that hopeful thought, or statement, and apply it into a positive mindset, one where we believe in ourselves, then hope becomes an attainable goal that is backed up by all that we are. From here, we are no longer passively hoping or wishing for something, but rather we are entrusting ourselves with the real prospect of bringing hope to fruition. I view positivity as a way of being. I do not think that it means that everything that happens, or happens to us, is inherently good. Instead, to me, positivity is all about developing a relationship with your self-awareness, then equipping yourself with a belief and a bet that you are capable of maneuvering through life’s moments, in your own way.

We each possess a special beast within our beings, that has the ability to flourish and thrive in its own different ways (big and small), each and every day. Once we have explored precisely where that true beast lies for us as an individual (vulnerability always has to make an appearance), positivity is all about growing that realization within, and then applying the implicative power to life.