A Coffeeshop conversation

Re-live the event

More Than A Word wants to give a massive thank you to all who joined in the conversation, whether you followed along in person, or through our instagram live stream. All three of the guest speakers shared some extremely valuable stories, experiences, and thoughts surrounding each of their respective words. 

The goal of the event was to create an environment which combined the merit and power of a large keynote event, with the unmatched intimacy of a neighborhood coffee shop. Once this environment was created, the intention was to enhance the activation of vulnerability within every member of the conversation, with the hope and strong belief that this personal vulnerability provides a direct path towards purposeful, meaningful action. Hopefully the event was enjoyable and valuable for all in attendance, and if you were unable to join, below is a full video recording of the event. The audio from the event is also available on wherever you listen to More Than A Word. Check it out!