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Episode 31: CHILDHOOD with guest Riley Carpenter (Lifestyle Blogger/Future Teacher/Forever-Friend) @northprepster

Episode 30: MUSIC with guest Eddie Eberle (Songwriter/Vocalist/Guitarist/All-Around Rockstar)

Episode 29: GROWTH with guest Tyler Wagner (Leader of The Business Blast Podcast, and Author’s Unite Publishing)

Episode 28: THINK/REACT/LEAD with guest Dom Faussette (Leader of ThinkReactLead/Veteran/Ex-Cop/Speaker/Author)

Episode 27: GIVING with guest Lisa Morrow (Founder/CEO of Birdytell)

Episode 26: HUMILITY with guest Joel Hawbaker (Teacher/Speaker/Author of Inverted Leadership)

Episode 25: STORYTELLING with guest Ann Fisher (Executive Producer & Host of All Sides with Ann Fisher)

Episode 24: RAMADAN with guest Qasim Rashid (American-Muslim/Islamic Educator/Author/Speaker)

Episode 23: JOURNEY with guest Vincent Pugliese (Author/Photographer/Father)

Episode 22: PASSION with guest Quincy Amarikwa (Professional Soccer Player/Entrepreneur/Investor)

Episode 21: THRIVE with guest Matt Habash (President/CEO at Mid-Ohio Foodbank)

Episode 20: RELATIONSHIPS with guest Sean Carpenter (Realtor/National Speaker)

Episode 19: EQUITY with guest Shannon Ginther (Columbus Women's Commission/Healthcare Leader/First-Lady of Columbus)

Episode 18: LOSS with guest Mac Hammett (Farmer/Athlete/Student)

Episode 17: COMMUNITY with guest Molly Leonard (Food Enthusiast/Blogger/Entrepreneur/Marketer) 

(LIVE) Episode 16: Revisiting VULNERABILITY with guest Isi Ikharebha Green (Healthcare Non-Profit Leader)

(LIVE) Episode 15: TIME with guest Lydia Sahlani (Life Saver/Lover of Travel/Lebanese Blonde)

(LIVE) Episode 14: DOUBT with guest Zach Thompson (Lifestyle and Fitness Professional/Leadership Evangelist/Entrepreneur)

A CoffeeShop Conversation (FULL VERSION) with Zach Thompson (DOUBT), Lydia Sahlani (TIME), Isi Ikharebha Green (VULNERABILITY)

Episode 13: RHYTHM with guest Malcolm Banks (Rapper/Music Producer)

Follow/listen to Malcolm on Soundcloud @Ch0pper

Episode 12: CLARITY with guest Jeff Biehl (Consultant/Entrepreneur/Leader/Father)

Episode 11: Check-in with Brad

Episode 10: WEALTH with guest Amobi Okugo (Pro Soccer Player for Portland Timbers FC/Entrepreneur)

Episode 9: WIN with guest Tyler Peschong (Business Leader/Speaker/Former Athlete)

BRING ON 2018: Reviewing 2017 and Attacking 2018

Episode 8: FAMILY with guest Michelle Heritage (Community Leader/Mother)

Episode 7: HARMONY with guest Ryan Wise (Musician/Film Producer/Activist)

Episode 6: SACRIFICE with guest Travis Davis (MMA Fighter/Boxer/Entrepreneur/Veteran)

Episode 5: YOUTH with guest Bobby Hobert (Podcaster/Social Influencer)

Episode 4: VULNERABILITY with guest Isi Ikharebha-Green (Healthcare Non-Profit Leader)

Episode 3: DISPARITY with guest Kash Khan (Social Justice Worker)

Episode 2: TRUST with guest Keith Leonard (Poet/Author/Teacher/Father)

Episode 1: PURPOSE with guest Zach Thompson (Lifestyle and Fitness Professional/Leadership Evangelist/Entrepreneur)